Friday, June 23, 2017

Beach Days

Yesterday, my mom and I took the girls over to a nearby beach. We live about two and a half miles miles away from this exact spot. I only know this because Mark and I have walked it before.  I will say that when you have kids, these tiny side street beach spots are the best. Our parking spot was a few steps from the sand and far enough away from Commercial pier's crowds. 
Besides the part where I am packing everything under the sun that is involved in taking two small children to the beach, I actually enjoy these days a lot. My goal this summer is actually to minimize the packing process.  I'll tell you how that goes when I figure it out. Ha!
Luckily, my mom was with us and helped me carry our chairs, umbrella, beach bag, lunch box, towels, toys, etc.  

Oh the days of only grabbing my car keys, a towel, and running out of the door in my bathing suit to meet my friends on 16th... How things have changed! 


They may require packing and a little planning ahead, but these days are truly the best. Getting to watch my girls laugh when they get knocked around by the waves, put all of their effort into building the best sand castle, collect seashells for safe keeping, and make new friends for the day is all worth it. 

I hope they grow up to love the feeling of salt on their skin and the sound of the ocean as much as their mama does. The best memories I have are on the beach.
I don't know where life will take us as the years go on but I do hope we always live by the sea. 



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