Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our New Delivery Service for Organic Produce!

Today has been so much fun and it has nothing to do with shots of tequila for Cinco de Mayo...ha

We received our first delivery of organic fruits and vegetables right to our doorstep. Today was the launch date for a new local business called Fresh Life Organics

 Once I looked into it, Mark and I were sold on the idea. We loved that we are supporting a small, local business and....did I mention there is NO delivery fee for this awesome service!? You just pay for the produce and that's it. 

What is even better is that you can be involved in what goes into your weekly box of produce. For example, if you'd like less zucchini but more carrots, you just reply to their weekly (changing) menu email and state your preferences if you have any to adjust. 

Also, if you are not home on Tuesdays at the time of delivery, you can let them know where they can place your box of produce (ie: On the side of your home, in your carport, by the rocking chairs...whatever!) There is also a small ice pack inside the box so that your produce comes nicely chilled to keep freshness while it waits for you. Also, if you have a cooler that you'd rather them deliver it to, you can place it outside in a location where they find. You can let them know this in your "special instructions" email for your weekly order. 

The choices are basic and easy to navigate.
 (But I can bet you that they will be expanding their options with time which is exciting!) 
There is a "regular" and "large" size box. 
You can also choose whether you would like "JUST veggies" or "JUST fruits" / or a "MIX of both". We chose the Large Box of Mixed Fruits and Veggies. 

With all this personalization, free delivery, supporting local business, and eating organic - how is this NOT a great idea?! 

This week's menu for our order: the Large box of Fruits and Veggies.

Photos from my Instagram account @ChristinaMcGuire

I got to meet the owner herself! She is super nice and even had a few seconds to chat.
I thought that she was so friendly. She even asked what "my story" is... I told her a little about myself recently completing my health coaching program and how I hope to work with local businesses like hers one day once I can begin health coaching others.

It is awesome to now have a direct relationship with where some my family's food is coming from. It was great meeting you, Jessica. I look forward to working with you in the future once I get some more time from the kiddos. 

Our order! Super fresh.
I could not be happier. 

There you have it. 
The McGuire Family is happy to be part of the Fresh Life Organics family. 


@freshlifeorganics on Instagram

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