Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Friday Playdate at Sugar Sand Park + Joey's Bakery

Today was so much fun! 
The girls and I met up with my friend, Jereann, and her two kids, Sophia and Dominic. 

We first stopped at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton to check out the "Children's Science Explorium", the carousel, and the surrounding play areas. 

Ava loved the area that had these rubber balls that would "float" as the air from the bottom would shoot them up when you would throw them into that area. 

Her friend, Sophia, liked it too. 

Making friends

Later came the carousel... 

Sophia waving hi


So, let me preface these next few photos...

Basically, there was this "1 adult per child rule" for smaller kids. Basically, one of us moms had to stay with the infants that were sleeping in the strollers while we took turns taking our toddlers on the carousel.
Ava didn't understand this rule when I told her that we have to wait our turn to go on because mommy has to watch the babies and that Sophia's mommy wasn't allowed to go on with both of them.

The Meltdown begins....





Fun times...

Then, it was Ava's turn! 
Happy again! 

The life of a toddler... 
Meltdown to pure joy within 1 minute. 
Well, that kind of sounds like my life as a mother of a toddler too... haha 

After the park, we drove up to  Boynton Beach to have lunch and do some cupcake taste testing at Joey's Bakery for Sophia's upcoming 3rd birthday party. 

Ava trying to feed Sophia blueberries and grapes. 

I can't stand the cuteness with the hand holding. 

Ava offering Sophia some water.

Thanks for inviting us today, Sophia! Ava always has a blast with you. 

Soon, Elle and Dominic will be old enough to to join the fun...

Elle is almost 3 months old already. Time is flying! 

Well that's it! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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  1. Where are you friend? Miss seeing your posts!! :(


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