Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Day at Zoo Miami

When Mark and I woke up this morning, Mark told me that he was going to surprise Ava by taking us to the zoo today. I was so excited! For one, I have never been to Zoo Miami. I also knew that Ava loved the Jacksonville Zoo when her Godmother, my friend Sarah, took us when we went to visit her. Mark was golfing when we were at the Jacksonville Zoo so he didn't get to see all of her reactions to the animals. 
Ava loves animals and making the noises that they make as well when she sees them. 

Here are some photos from today's visit to the zoo: 

Yes, Ava carries her purse with her everywhere we go. She keeps her two small dolls (Cinderella and Ariel),  a Lego giraffe, and a Thomas the train with her at all times. 

...and yes, that's her authentic Gucci purse that a very sweet and generous friend of ours bought for her on her 1st birthday.
She sees me carrying a purse and so naturally she started wanting to carry one herself 

Pit stop for snack time 

crumb face

best daddy in the world

Ava getting cranky and ONLY wanting ME to carry her... typical

25lb Ava + whatever Elle is weighing in at these days 

Missing her nap = cranky Ava

Right before we leave, daddy stops into the gift shop and comes out with a surprise for Ava... "A GEE-RAFF!!!!"
(A giraffe) 

One of her very favorite animals 

She hasn't let go of it. 

Thank you to my sweet husband for surprising us with a fun day at Zoo Miami 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


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