Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today's Whereabouts + Happy 20 Months Ava

This morning, Ava and I headed out to take a jog around Coral Ridge in Ft. Lauderdale. We are staying at my in-laws' house for a week while they are in SC. Every summer, they take a couple trips and we offer to watch their Jack Russell, Turbo. Ava has a ton of toys here and I love it because we are closer to the beach! The more East you can get me, the happier I'll be. :) 

So off we went and made a quick stop at Coral Ridge Park. A tiny little green area but it was fenced in and Ava loved running around in there.
Once she spotted this guy, she started quacking at him. Not quite a duck, Ava, but close. 
I love being outside with her. She is instantly happier when she is out running around. 
Ava can spot the letter "A" now and gets very excited about it. 
Happy 20 months, Ava! I can't believe how fast you are growing. Only 4 more months and you are officially a 2 year old!

Ava is currently: 
* Loving her picture books. She learns so much with these kinds of books. She lights up whenever she spots something that I ask her to find. I am also loving this stage of watching just how quickly she picks up on what I teach her. 
Proud of our smart girl more and more each day.  

* She loves dancing when she hears a song she likes and moves her shoulders and bops up and down.

* She enjoys giving her stuffed animals a kiss making a big, "Muuuuah!" sound while doing it. 

* She enjoys FaceTiming her Grandma McGuire in Oregon. 

* She loves talking on a real or toy phones all day long. Jabbering along and fake laughing the whole time. This cracks me up. 

* Whenever I sneeze, she says, "Aaaaaa-chooooo!"

* She is (and always was) a beyond great sleeper (Thank you sweet baby Jesus!). She loves getting into her crib and snuggling with her musical lamb and Boo the Pomeranian. She's been taking 3 hour naps and still goes down around 7:30 PM for bed/ waking around 8 (but this morning she woke at 9AM!) 
Thank you, Ava. Mommy appreciates your sleeping skills that you definitely got from me. 

* Ava loves taking showers now! My in-laws have this huge double shower that you just walk into rather than having doors. Yesterday, rather than Ava taking a bath, I brought her into the big shower with me and she had a blast. I turned both shower heads on and she just loved switching from one side to another and having the water all over her like rain. Showers it is from now on! 

* Ava is getting to be a somewhat picky eater but that's pretty typical for this age. She knows what she wants and I am happy that she enjoys healthy foods like peas, beans, blueberries, granola, etc.

I'll wrap it up here as I can go on all day about what she does and doesn't like...

I am loving this toddler stage (even though it has melt down moments! ha) and can't wait to see what this upcoming Fall brings with lots of FSU football cheering in our home. I just know Ava will be imitating Mark the whole time...

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Can't wait to watch the Fourth of July fireworks over the water on Friday!
Now that Ava is napping, I am going to go lay out by the pool with the baby monitor before the usual South Florida summer storm rolls in. 



  1. She is so precious! That is great she likes healthier foods and my daughters loves being outside too!

  2. She's such a cutie! This age really is so fun...but you are right it for sure comes with it's fair share of meltdown moments!!

  3. She is too adorable! This is both a crazy hard and amazing age at the same time! It's crazy how fast they change and what personalities they have already!

    1. Crazy hard is right! haha We had "Total Tantrum 2014" today... I am fearing for these terrible 2's. AH

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